Terms & Conditions

1. Happy Tourist and Go Inter (the “Products” from here and onwards) is provided by (“DTAC” from here and onwards). Below please find DTAC’s company information.

a. Tax number: 0105549034548

b. Address: 319, Chamchuri Square , Building, 38th Floor Payathai, Road, Pathumwan District, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

2. The Product is being commercialised by Tour-Tech Distribution S.L. (“Tour-Tech” from here onwards). Below please find Tour-Tech’s company information.

a. Tax number: B86946449

b. Fiscal address: Calle Guzmán el Bueno 116 Bajo B, Madrid 28003 (Madrid)

3. For terms and conditions pertaining to the Product, please refer to DTAC’s web site: www.dtac.co.th .

4. Privacy policy: no personal information is being collected besides email addresses, used for product delivery.

5. Return policy: Once the product is provided via email to the customer, the product will be considered as delivered and no return will be possible.

6. GDPR compliance

a. TOUR-TECH is fully compliant with GDPR provisions and is being periodically audited by a certified professional.

b. Personal information is not passed under any circumstances to third parties.

c. Payment information is protected and resides only in payment gateways - PayPal and Stripe.