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Best eSIM New York. Explore the “Big Apple” with the top eSIM plans

Passport, visa, suitcase, plane tickets, hotel information… you might have everything ready to visit New York, but have you thought about your mobile phone data? Get the best eSIM to travel to New York and explore the “Big Apple” with DTAC Happy Tourist. With two unique plans with 6GB of data, you’ll get excellent coverage both in the US and in several other countries. For 25 usd you can also use the same eSIM to visit Canada and Mexico and enjoy a roaming-free experience while touring through North America. If you’re just travelling to the US, the better option is the eSIM for 15 usd, which you’ll be able to use in several other countries in the world. Get DTAC Happy Tourist for the best eSIM card to visit New York.

New York City is, for many people, the center of the world. Places like the 5th avenue, the Brooklyn bridge, Central Park, the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty or Times Square have been imprinted in our subconscious as icons of humanity. One cannot visit New York and not want to see the National September 11 Memorial, Grand Central Terminal, or gaze at Manhattan’s skyline from the East River or Brooklyn Promenade.

To share your experiences with your loved ones and not be hit by an enormous phone bill when you get back home, get yourself the best travel eSIM to visit New York City to forget about roaming expenses. DTAC Happy Tourist will cover everything you might need when visiting the United States.


Times Square New Year’s countdown and Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center

One of the classic festivities to visit Manhattan. Christmas in New York has been portrayed in films and series for a long time, and has become part of everyone’s subconscious thanks to Hollywood. From the classic tree on Rockefeller center to New Year’s countdown on Times Square, everyone has seen images of New York in Christmas. It’s an exceptional time to visit New York City filled with Christmas spirit. More info.

Thanksgiving Day parade

A major event in the United States and in NYC in November, the yearly Thanksgiving Day parade features giant balloons, clowns, marching bands, celebrities and pop concerts happening live. If you happen to be visiting New York City during thanksgiving, try to find a seat and enjoy this major event of the city. More info.

St. Patrick’s Day parade

The 16th of March has always been a special date in New York. St. Patrick, patron of Ireland, has also been praised since 1762 along the streets of NYC in a parade celebrating the city’s Irish culture. You better wear green and party with New Yorkers in the thousands of establishments that offer special menus and drinks to commemorate this day. Info here.

Tribeca Film Festival

Every spring, New York City hosts the Tribeca Film Festival. It features a wide range of immersive programming, music, games, films, lectures, and art. With around 600 screenings and more than 150.000 attendees, it is the perfect time to visit New York and enjoy a major cultural event. More info.

Fourth of July Fireworks

On the United States’ Independence Day, New York City hosts a major fireworks show. Launched from the East River, you can enjoy the show from many points of New York, especially since there are tons of different events, barbeques, balls, parties and celebrations happening all over the city. More info.

Advantages of eSIMs with worldwide coverage

Coverage in multiple countries is a blessing for international travelers. With local eSIMs, you are restricted to one country, but global eSIMs allow you to travel freely. Steer clear of unsafe Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling, whether you’re stranded at a foreign airport or you’re just taking a detour.

Global eSIMs have one major disadvantage: they are usually significantly more expensive than local eSIMs. But if you can find a global eSIM offer with the price of a local eSIM, then thismajor drawback disappears.

With DTAC’s Happy Tourist’s offer, you’ll get global coverage for the price of a local (single-country) eSIM.

Let’s check the top eSIMs for New York so you can compare them yourself.

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Top travel eSIMs for New York

Here are our picks for the best eSIM for a 15 day’s trip to New York:

eSIM PlanDataPricePrice/GBValidityCoverage
🏆 eSIM USA T-Mobile10GB
Unlimited Plus
4 $/GB
3.5 $/GB
30 daysUSA
Mexico (5GB)
Canada (5GB)
Go Inter by DTAC6GB15$
10 days
15 days
Yesim5GB15$3$/GB15 daysUSA only
Airalo Change2GB8$4$/GB15 daysUSA only
7 days
30 days
USA only
HolaflyUnlimited47$N/A15 daysUSA only

*Data collected in 2023.

eSIM USA by T-Mobile: The best eSIM carrier for New York

Unrestricted subscription Plans

T-Mobile eSIM offers the best eSIM offer for travel to USA with several unlimited plans. For 50 usd you get unlimited data in the US with voice calls, unlimited domestic SMS and tethering with 3G speed. The Unlimited Plus card (60 usd) also offers high-speed tethering up to 10 GB, which then drops to 3G. These are T-Mobile’s best plans, and all are valid for 30 days.

Limited data plans for different needs

T-Mobile’s US eSIM also has a 12 GB local eSIM for 35 usd with unlimited domestic calls and SMS or a 10 GB regional eSIM card for 40 usd, in this case with 5 GB of data allowed for Mexico and Canada.

DTAC Happy Tourist: The best travel eSIM

Excellent price

DTAC Happy tourist is an excellent eSIM offer to use while travelling to New York. With two different plans offering 6GB of data, you’ll be able to use this eSIM for 10 or 15 days depending on your needs and the amount of countries you’ll need covered. For 15 usd or 25 usd, you’ll have a regional eSIM for the price of a local eSIM for the United States. 

The best worldwide eSIM

DTAC’s eSIMs are affordable and provide global coverage. Get a 10-day eSIM with service in the USA, Puerto Rico, 20 Asian countries, Israel, Qatar, and Australia for around $15, or enjoy worldwide coverage in 70+ countries, including Canada and Mexico, for only $25 for 15 days. Use this eSIM for a regional trip to North America.

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Yesim offers for 15 usd a simple 5GB eSIM card for 15 days in the United States. With other plans offering longer validities and a higher amount of data, their major issue is that you’ll still be limited on where it provides coverage. 

Local coverage

Yesim plans only offer local coverage in the United States, which limits their viability compared to DTAC’s Happy Tourist. For around the same price, you’ll be able to use an eSIM in several countries in the world.

Airalo Change

Not enough data

Airalo Change offers, for 15 days in the United States, a 2GB eSIM for 8 usd. This data allowance barely covers a standard usage of your mobile data. Airalo has plans with more data and a longer validity just for the USA, but they come at a high cost and their features aren’t interesting enough.

USA only

Since Airalo’s plan only provides coverage in the USA, you can use any of DTAC’s eSIM for around the same price and have service in several other countries while visiting North America. DTAC’s eSIMs have more perks than Airalo’s.


1 week eSIM plan

Nomad has among several plans for the United States one eSIM plan for 7 days. With a price of 7 usd, it provides a scant 1GB of data. Offering coverage just in the USA, it is just not worth it. 

30 days with local coverage

With Nomad’s best plan providing 20GB of data for 30 days, it is still not worth its price of 32 usd. It might be interesting if you’re touring through the USA for a month, but if you carefully analyze this plan, you’ll need to stretch your data usage for 30 days and not move outside of the USA.


Unlimited costly eSIM plan

Holafly offers unlimited eSIMs for different validities in the United States. On paper they are interesting offers, since if you’re staying for a couple of weeks, you’ll have unlimited data. But its price is quite high (47 usd) so you’ll really need to think about your data consumption while in the USA to see if you’re getting the best value out of this card.

Tethering is not allowed

The final reason we consider this eSIM the worst offer of our list is that, while all other eSIMs allow tethering with your other devices or travel partners, this eSIM blocks using your mobile phone as a hotspot to tether your laptop or tablet, or sharing the data allowance to connect wearables or other devices you might carry with you to the USA.

How to buy and activate an eSIM for New York

To get a travel eSIM for New York, all you need to do is analyze the different eSIM plans for the USA and select the one that works best for what you need. Once you reach the website of the carrier offering the eSIM and finish the payment process, you’ll receive an email with a QR code and activation instructions for their eSIM. Just scan the QR code with your mobile phone or add the code provided in the email and you’ll have an eSIM profile on your phone.

As soon as you arrive in the country or region you’re traveling to, select your eSIM as the cellular data profile in settings. 

ESIM compatible devices

Consider your mobile’s compatibility before buying an eSIM. Since they can only be used on a limited number of devices, check the carrier’s website for a list of compatible devices before you make your purchase, and remember that not all carriers support eSIMs on every device.

Broadly speaking, iPhones since 2018, Samsung Galaxy smartphones since 2020 and Google Pixel mobile phones since the 3XL can use most eSIMs on the market. If your device doesn’t meet these criteria, your best option is to check said compatibility list or, as a last resort, contact the carrier’s customer support to verify the possibility of using their eSIM.

Get the best eSIM for New York

FAQ about New York eSIM

What’s the best eSIM to travel to New York?

The best eSIM option for travel to the United States is the eSIM USA offered by T-Mobile. It is the best recommendation. With four different plans available for use in the US, Canada and Mexico, users can benefit from extensive coverage along with unlimited domestic calling and SMS. Options include choosing between an unlimited plan or one of two prepaid data plans offering 10 GB or 12 GB, with prices ranging from USD 35 to USD 60.

Can I keep my WhatsApp number with an eSIM?

Yes. eSIMs, by not requiring a physical slot in your SIM tray, enable simultaneous use with a traditional SIM card. This means you can maintain the activity of your WhatsApp account and any other accounts tied to your phone number while utilizing an eSIM for your data requirements.

Can I use my eSIM at the same time as my SIM card?

You can keep your SIM card profile and your travel eSIM plan active at the same time, so you can use one for your data needs and the other one as your main cellular provider for calls and SMS. You can freely choose on your device’s settings how each profile will work for you.
A different messaging app widely spread in China (and developed and monitored by the Chinese Government) is WeChat.

When should I activate my eSIM for the USA?

You should activate your newly acquired eSIM after you’ve reached its covered area. If you start your eSIM in a destination where it doesn’t provide coverage, you might find issues with the entire process. That’s why we recommend that you activate it as soon as you’ve landed on your destination.