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Best eSIM Taiwan. Top Travel eSIM Providers for Seamless Connectivity in Taiwan

You’re planning a trip to Taiwan and are looking to get the best eSIM Taiwan for seamless connectivity? Great decision!

In this guide, we’ll compare the top travel eSIM plans for your trip to Taiwan against our top choice, Go Inter by DTAC. With this eSIM Taiwan you’ll get 6 GB of data and 10 days of regional coverage in Asia for the cheap price of 15 usd.

Follow this post for some tips on how to make the most of your eSIM during your next trip to Taiwan and the benefits an eSIM like DTAC’s Go Inter can provide.

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eSIM Taiwan for travelers

Taiwan offers a vibrant mix of traditional culture, modern convenience, and stunning natural landscapes. From the bustling night markets of Taipei to the serene Sun Moon Lake, enjoy a diverse array of experiences. The island’s culinary scene is renowned for its delicious street food and Michelin-starred restaurants. You can also explore historic temples, hike through lush mountains, or relax on picturesque beaches. With an efficient public transportation system, Technological development and a renowned friendliness towards visitors, Taiwan is a welcoming destination for those seeking a unique and dynamic travel experience.

Top Travel eSIM Providers in Taiwan

Here are our top recommendations for the best eSIM Taiwan.

eSIM cardsDataPricePrice/GBValidityCoverage
DTAC Go Inter6 GB
6 GB
15 usd
25 usd
2.5 $/GB
4.16 $/GB
10 days
15 days
Asia, USA, Australia, Qatar, Israel
Nomad15 GB 19 usd1.26 $/GB30 daysTaiwan
Airalo – Xie Xie20 GB32 usd1.6 $/GB30 daysTaiwan
HolaflyUnlimited*47 usdN/A15 daysTaiwan
*Data collected in 2024

Go Inter by DTAC: Pay for a local eSIM, get a regional eSIM

With Go Inter by DTAC you’ll get the best eSIM for Taiwan, especially because of its extended coverage in the region, for an incredible price that rivals those of single country eSIMs. For just 15 usd you’ll get 6 GB of data and 10 days of validity to use in Taiwan, but also in other countries in Asia, Australia, Israel, Qatar, or the USA.  This card will help you make the most of your trip even if you’re stranded in a foreign airport in China, Japan, or anywhere else in Asia.

But this is not the only eSIM card by DTAC that you can use in Taiwan. For an excellent price of 25 usd, you can get a global eSIM with worldwide coverage, 6 GB of data and 15 days of validity. This one is perfect if you’re traveling to several countries, or you’re a frequent traveler.

Taiwan, best esim Taiwan


Nomad’s best eSIM of their plans for Taiwan is a 15 GB card for 19 usd. You’ll be able to use this plan for 30 days, but only in Taiwan. This limits the capabilities of this eSIM plan, making it, in our opinion, an inferior eSIM compared to DTAC’s eSIM.  For a fraction of its price, you’ll get peace of mind when traveling to Taiwan.

Airalo Xie Xie

Airalo’s best offer for Taiwan is its Xie Xie plan with 20 GB of data for 32 usd with a validity of 30 days. While Airalo has other plans with different allowances at different prices, this is the one with the best price per GB. As interesting as 20 GB of data might sound, the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots and free internet in most restaurants and hotels in Taiwan detract from its appeal. You’ll have to make sure that you’ll need to use all the data during your trip so you get the best value out of your money, especially because it is a single-country eSIM just for Taiwan.


Holafly comes at the last spot on our list of eSIMs. While it offers unlimited data on its plans, they are far too expensive for them to be worth it. For a card for 15 days in Taiwan, you’ll have to pay 47 usd. This plan might be appealing if you need to work while in the country, but since Holafly blocks tethering on its eSIMs, you can’t use your mobile phone to connect your laptop or your tablet. 

If you end up using Wi-Fi hotspots for work, then buy an eSIM that at least offers regional coverage, like DTAC’s.

How to Get an eSIM Taiwan

To buy a travel eSIM plan, all you really need to do is access the website of any travel eSIM companies and select the country you’re going to visit, in this case Taiwan. After purchasing the one that best suits your needs, you’ll get an email with an activation code and/or a QR code and instructions on how to install it on your mobile phone. Just like that, you’ll have an eSIM profile ready to use on your next trip.

Remember to verify that your mobile phone is compatible with the eSIM you want to buy.

Compatible devices

To verify if you’ll be able to use a certain eSIM plan on your mobile phone, most carriers offer a list of compatible devices that will help you check if you can install their eSIM. This is crucial since not all eSIM capable devices can support all the eSIMs in the market. 

Broadly speaking, Apple devices like the iPhone XS (and later iPhone models), Samsung Galaxy phones since the Galaxy S20 or high-end Google Pixel phones can use most eSIMs on the market. Our recommendation, however, is to check the carrier’s list, or as a last resort, contact customer support before purchasing the wrong eSIM for your phone.

Benefits of using a regional eSIM in Taiwan

Convenience of connectivity

By using a regional eSIM plan in Taiwan, you’ll get unparalleled convenience in your mobile connectivity. With regional eSIMs, travelers can easily access several local networks without switching physical SIM cards or having to purchase different eSIM plans for each country in the region. This means seamless access to data and call services for a determined number of days, eliminating the hassle of searching for local SIM cards upon arrival. 

Hassle-free traveling

With regional eSIMs, accessing local networks becomes effortless, ensuring uninterrupted communication and mobile data services throughout the journey. It doesn’t matter if your flight gets delayed, or you decide you want to stay for a few days outside of Taiwan. With a regional eSIM, you’ll be able to access all your necessary travel apps, regardless of where you are. This convenience translates to a smoother travel experience without the need for extra logistics or for dealing with language barriers to obtain traditional SIM cards.


By using a regional eSIM plan in Taiwan, you can greatly benefit in from its reduced rates. By opting for regional eSIM plans, you’ll avoid expensive roaming charges typically incurred when using physical SIM cards. The eSIM allows you to access local network services with your mobile phone for a few days without wasting money on roaming fees, leading to significant savings during your stay in Taiwan.

Data usage on a trip to Taiwan

On average, a traveler will use around 5 GB of mobile data every 10 days. You can always reduce that consumption by taking advantage of free Wi-Fi hotspots, especially in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese government created a free Wi-Fi service for locals and visitors alike in 2011. If you’re traveling to Taiwan, all you’ll need to do is go to the tourism bureau and present your passport to open an iTaiwan account. You can get additional information here or here.

To fully optimize your data usage, try to avoid using heavy-duty apps with your mobile phone and, above all, do not stream videos without a Wi-Fi network so you can make the most of your data allowance. 

With an eSIM like DTAC, you’ll have plenty of data to enjoy travel apps like translators and maps, as well as general social media and internet browsing so you can stay connected and informed during your trip.

In conclusion

Choosing the best eSIM Taiwan can greatly enhance your travel experience with seamless connectivity. With Go Inter by DTAC you’ll get a reliable service at a competitive rate. Staying connected during your trip has never been easier. Enjoy hassle-free communication and internet access while exploring the beauty of Taiwan. 

Get the best eSIM Taiwan


What’s the best eSIM for Taiwan and Asia?

If there’s one card that can cover all your needs while traveling to Taiwan, that is Go Inter by DTAC. Offering 6 GB of data for 10 days, this eSIM only costs 15 usd.  The best feature of this eSIM is that it is also the best eSIM for Asia, since it offers regional coverage in Asia, Australia, Qatar, Israel, and the USA.

Can I install an eSIM before arriving in the country?

One major feature of eSIMs is that you can buy and install an eSIM from the comfort of your home, or the departures area of your home airport. As long as you have internet access, you can go to the website of the eSIM carrier of your liking and purchase and install an eSIM. Now, to avoid any issues, we recommend that you activate your eSIM only within its area of coverage. This means that you have to wait to arrive at the airport of destination to turn on data services on your eSIM profile and deactivate data roaming on your home carrier’s SIM card.

Can I use my WhatsApp with a travel eSIM?

Since you can use both a travel eSIM and your home carrier SIM card at the same time, you can use WhatsApp (or any account linked to your phone number) with any travel eSIM plans. The only difference is that you’ll be spending the data allowance on your active eSIM, but the phone number won’t change, so neither will your WhatsApp account.

What’s the best global eSIM?

DTAC’s Go Inter 15-days card is the best global eSIM in the market, with 6 GB of data at the incredible price of 25 usd this eSIM offers coverage in over 70 countries in the world. This is the best eSIM to buy if you’re a frequent traveler or if you’re touring through different countries in the world outside the coverage of DTAC’s Go Inter 10 days eSIM.