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Best eSIM Toronto. Comparing eSIM Providers for Canada

Visit Toronto while avoiding roaming fees. Buy the best eSIM for Toronto with Go Inter by DTAC. For just 25 usd, you can get an eSIM with 6GB of worldwide coverage and travel for 15 days through North America, some countries in South America, the Middle East Asia and even Australia and New Zealand. With this eSIM card, you’re buying a global eSIM for the price of a local eSIM. It is the best offer to visit Toronto and Canada without worries.

Toronto, Canada’s largest city, and one of the favorite destinations for travelers in Canada, is just 25 km away from the US border. This large and vibrant city is a perfect spot to explore the several landmarks like the Niagara Falls or Lake Ontario, and cities like Cleveland, Pittsburg, Detroit in the US, or beautiful places like Port Hope, Stratford or the wine region of Prince Edward County in Canada.

However, Toronto has also a lot to offer as a metropolis. One of the most multicultural cities in the globe, Toronto has an exciting cultural an entertainment scene, and iconic landmarks like the CN Tower, Casa Loma, or the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Gardens, parks, museums, concert halls and markets offer activities for all kinds of travelers visiting Toronto. And to top it up, Toronto offers an active and varied nightlife if you feel like partying while in Canada.

To get the best experience while visiting Toronto, buy the best eSIM for Canada. Check our list comparing the leading eSIM providers for a trip to Canada in 2024 and you’ll reach the same conclusion: Go Inter by DTAC offers the best eSIM for Toronto to enjoy your next holidays avoiding roaming expenses while crossing borders or staying anywhere else during your trip.

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Advantages of global eSIMs for Toronto

Travel eSIMs with global coverage allow you to use the internet and forget about roaming costs or purchasing an eSIM for each destination you’re visiting. With a local eSIM you’ll limit your possibilities of visiting other destinations outside of the country (in this case Canada), in exchange, you’ll pay a much cheaper price for a local eSIM since they don’t have to coordinate with other network providers. Is this always the case?

Happy tourist by DTAC offers global coverage with an eSIM in a similar price range of a regional or local eSIM. Having service in more countries is always better, especially in a destination like Toronto.

With the USA just an hour away, it is quite reasonable to think about an eSIM with global, or at least regional, coverage when visiting the city. Just by going to the Niagara Falls, you might end up needing to purchase a new eSIM just for the US even if it’s for a few hours.

But that’s not the only advantage of getting an eSIM card with worldwide coverage. With these kinds of eSIMs, you can travel fully reassured that you’ll have service if you get stranded on a foreign airport during cancellations or delays, and if you’re doing a stopover, you’ll still have your eSIM connectivity to avoid unsafe airport Wi-Fi hotspots.

With a global eSIM for the price of a single-country eSIM, your choice should be quite simple, buy Go Inter by DTAC as the best offer for a trip to Toronto.

Best eSIMs for Canada

eSIM PlanDataPricePrice/GBValidityCoverage
🏆Go Inter by DTAC6GB25 usd4.6$/GB15 daysWorldwide
YesimUnlimited (30GB)51usd (47€)1.7$/GB15 daysCanada
Nomad10GB32usd3.2$/GB30 daysCanada
Airalo Tuque2GB11usd5.5$/GB15 daysCanada
HolaflyUnlimited54usdN/A20 daysCanada

*Data collected in 2024

Go Inter by DTAC: The best eSIM with worldwide coverage

Incredible price

Go Inter by DTAC offers 6GB of data (plenty for a 15 days’ trip) at an incredible price of 25 usd. This eSIM offer is the best option to travel to Canada, since, for the price of a local eSIM, you’ll buy a card with worldwide coverage.

Worldwide coverage

This is the greatest feature of this eSIM plan. With Go Inter by DTAC you’ll have internet coverage in over 70 destinations in the world, including Canada, USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Brazil, several countries in Asia, Europe, Ghana, South Africa, some countries in the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. This eSIM is the best one if you’re spending some days at other destinations while traveling to Canada.

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The greatest single-country eSIM

Yesim can be a great plan if you’re only visiting Canada. It offers unlimited and prepaid plans, but the best offer is one of their unlimited plans. For a price of 51 usd, you’ll have data allowance for 15 days in Canada, and only in Canada. Given its price, you’d better make sure that you need their unlimited data.

Not really unlimited

In fact, Yesim’s “unlimited” plan isn’t a fully unlimited one. Yesim offers 30GB of data at maximum speed, and after you’ve consumed their data allowance, you’ll get 5 extra GB at 512 Kbps, turning it into a 30GB+5GB eSIM card.


Average data package

Among Nomad’s plans for Canada, the best offer is quite a simple one: a 10GB data-only card for 32 usd. You can only use this eSIM in Canada, which makes it an average eSIM plan. 

Longer validity

This eSIM stands out because of its duration. Nomad’s plans only offer either a 7 days or a 30 days validity period, and this one is valid for 30 days. This might sound like an advantage, but you’ll have to stretch the 10GB provided for a longer period, or you’ll be wasting the validity period if you’re not staying in Canada for that long. If you get two of the Go Inter cards, you’ll get more data at a similar price, and you’ll be able to use it in other countries in the world.

Airalo Tuque

Only 2GB

Airalo’s plan for 15 days in Canada only offers 2GB of data at 11 usd. It is a very scant price with barely enough data to cover any standard use of the internet in your mobile phone. The best way to describe this eSIM plan is as a budget plan to cover basic needs.

Larger data packages only for Canada

Airalo’s other plans for Canada offer larger data packages with longer validities, but, given that they provide internet coverage only in Canada, they are not worth it when Go Inter by DTAC is available.


Expensive unlimited plans

Holafly’s plans provide unlimited data with no restrictions (apart from fair usage policy from the network partners), but this luxury comes at a high price. For a 15 days’ card you’ll have to pay 54 usd. These eSIM cards need to be analyzed in order to get the best value for your money. Check your average data consumption and plan accordingly depending on the amount of days you’re going to spend in Canada.

Tethering not allowed

The lack of tethering is the most disappointing aspect of Holafly’s eSIM plans for Canada, even to the point of being a deal-breaker. Even if you buy a plan with unlimited data, you won’t be able to share the connection with anyone else on your trip (which may be fair), but also, you can’t use your mobile phone as a hotspot to connect your laptop, tablet or any of your wearables.

How to purchase an eSIM for Toronto

To buy an eSIM for Toronto, you have to access the website of the eSIM card that piques your interest and purchase it. After payment, you’ll receive an email with an activation code, instructions and, most importantly, a QR code.

With your mobile phone, scan the QR or manually introduce the code, and you’ll have an eSIM installed on your device. Now in order to activate it, as soon as you land in the coverage area (Canada in case of a single-country eSIM or any of the countries covered in case of a global eSIM) activate the data service for your travel eSIM profile and turn off roaming services for your home carrier SIM card.

Device compatibility

Before you buy an eSIM for Toronto or Canada, make sure that you’ll be able to use it on your mobile phone. The best source of information regarding this is the carrier’s website. In it, you can check an list of eSIM compatible devices. In most cases, mobile phones since the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20 or Google Pixel 4 are eSIM compatible with every carrier’s cards. If you have a newer eSIM-compatible device that doesn’t show up in the list, contact the eSIM carrier because it might be the case that they haven’t updated the list recently.

Get the best eSIM for Canada

FAQ about Toronto eSIM

What’s the best global eSIM to visit Toronto?

Go Inter by DTAC is the best eSIM offer with worldwide coverage you can buy to visit Toronto and Canada. For 25 usd you’ll get 6GB of data to use in over 70 countries in the world, including Canada and the USA. Since its price is similar to local eSIMs, it is the sensible purchase if your travel plans include not only Canada, but any other of the destinations covered by this eSIM.

What’s the best eSIM only for Canada?

If you’re looking for an eSIM only for Canada, Yesim might seem like the best offer to have internet in your mobile phone, but given its exorbitant price, your best option is still Go Inter by DTAC. You’ll receive plenty of data to explore Toronto plus internet coverage in the USA or any of the other 70+ destinations covered by this eSIM plan.

Should I activate my travel eSIM before flying to Canada?

The perfect moment to activate any travel eSIM is as soon as you land in the country or region covered by the card. By doing so, you’ll avoid possible connectivity issues, allowing you to receive service immediately without incurring in roaming fees.

Do I turn off roaming when using an eSIM?

To use travel eSIMs and avoid roaming fees from your home carrier, you should activate your eSIM and turn off the data on your home carrier’s SIM card. Depending on your device, the terminology might differ, but the overall idea is to select the eSIM profile as the data provider for your mobile phone, and deactivate the data on your SIM card.

How much data will I need for my trip to Canada?

An average user uses around 15 GB of data every 30 days, and if you follow proper data etiquette like connecting to safe Wi-Fi hotspots (hotel, restaurants…) and avoiding streaming or high-usage apps, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of data for a 15 days trip to Canada.