Best eSIM Canada. Incredible eSIM deals to travel to the Great White North.

Are you planning a trip to the Great White North? Then you’ll need the best eSIM for Canada. With Go Inter by DTAC, you’ll get the best deal to travel not only to Canada, but to anywhere in the world. With 6GB of data for an excellent price of 29 usd, you’ll be able to surf the internet anywhere in the world thanks to its global coverage. You can travel stress free without worrying about roaming expenses.

This card’s got you covered with its worldwide coverage.

Canada is the second largest country in the world, but ranking only the 38th most populated countries, there’s one thing you’re bound to find when visiting the Great White North: Nature.

With the highest proportion of fresh water in the world, you won’t be able to avoid (and we recommend that you don’t) any of its beautiful lakes. The beautiful landscapes of the Ontario, Erie, Superior, Huron and Michigan lakes are only part of the breathtaking natural wonders you might find in Canada. Banff and Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies, the Niagara Falls, Gros Morne National Park or Okanagan Valley are perfect destinations for nature and adventure lovers.

But Canada is also a great place for urbanites. With most of its populations located in the southern part of the country, cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria or, of course, Quebec and Montreal are perfect examples of the Canadian mix of cultures and traditions. Get ready to experience the French and British influences of its architecture and cuisine, but be prepared to embrace the hospitality and world famous niceness of its people.

If you’re planning on traveling to Canada, make sure that you won’t be wasting money on roaming costs with your phone. Check our list of incredible eSIM deals to travel to the Great White North and buy the best eSIM card for Canada.

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Top 5 prepaid eSIM deals for Canada

Go Inter by DTAC6GB29 usd4.84 $/GB15 daysWorldwide/Global
T-Mobile eSIM USA5GB40 usd8 $/GB30 days10GB in US, 5GB Mexico and Canada
Nomad12GB36 usd3 $/GB30 daysCanada
34 usd
44 usd
3.4 $/GB
2.2 $/GB
30 days
30 days
Canada *3G/LTE
Airalo Tuque2GB11 usd5.5 $/GB15 daysCanada
*Data collected in 2023

Go Inter by DTAC: The best prepaid eSIM with Global coverage

The perfect eSIM to visit Canada

Go Inter by DTAC is the best eSIM card to travel to Canada. For 29 usd you’ll receive 6GB of data with a validity of 15 days. With Bell or Telus as roaming partners, you’ll receive excellent network service while in the Great White North. But there’s a reason why this card is the best travel eSIM: Its worldwide coverage.

Global coverage

With Go Inter by DTAC, you’ll receive the most extensive coverage of the eSIMs of our list. With global coverage, you’ll be able to surf the internet almost anywhere in the world. With this card you can forget about roaming costs wherever you are, no matter if you’re stuck at another country’s airport or if you want to travel to several countries during your trip. 

How’s the network coverage in Canada

Two carriers offer mobile network service in Canada: Telus and Bell Mobility.


If you need to check the mobile network coverage map of Canada depending on the service provider, you can do it in this link.

T-Mobile eSIM USA: Regional eSIM with excellent features

5GB for Canada and Mexico

With T-Mobile’s prepaid eSIM you’ll get 5GB of data for Canada or Mexico. With a price of 40 usd you might think it’s too expensive, even if it provides network service for 30 days, but the best feature of this eSIM card is that it provides 10GB of fast speed mobile phone coverage in the USA. It is, on all accounts, a regional eSIM, and since being able to have coverage in 3 countries is better than just in 1 country, we’ve put it in the second place of our list.

Incredible features in the USA

In addition to its 10GB of data allowance in the US, you’ll receive unlimited domestic calls, with the possibility of sharing your phone data connection via tethering. 


Large data package with 30 days validity

Nomad’s best plan for Canada is its 12GB card for 36 usd. With a great price per GB, it becomes quite an attractive offer and the best one if you’re just visiting Canada and only want to receive data in Canada.

Local coverage only

Since it only offers coverage in Canada, it’s a slightly worse offer than DTAC’s Go Inter. With just a slightly more expensive price per GB, you’ll be able to get worldwide coverage with DTAC’s card. 


Huge data package

Holafly has two large prepaid data plans for Canada. With one plan providing 10GB for 34 usd and another with 20GB for 44 usd, you’ll get 30 days to use their allowances only in Canada

3G connection

In our opinion, Holafly’s biggest disadvantage versus the competition is that they only offer 3G connectivity within Canada, which can severely limit the way you’ll be using your data allowance.

Airalo Tuque

Small data package for 15 days

Airalo has a small prepaid data plan with the same validity as DTAC’s Go Inter. It only provides 2GB of data for 15 days. It’s quite a small amount of data, which will force you to either use public (and unsafe) Wi-FI hotspots with your phone, or top up your data needs, and with a price per GB of 5.5 $/GB (this card) or 3.5 $/GB (Airalo’s best offer for 30 days), this option can become quite expensive.

Only for Canada (No regional cards)

The other drawback of Airalo’s eSIM plans for Canada is that their coverage is limited specifically to Canada, and since they don’t have regional plans for North America, it’s in fact a great drawback. 

Global and regional eSIM advantages for Canada

While local eSIMs are usually cheaper than regional or global eSIM plans, they obviously offer limited service. You’ll have to search for Wi-Fi hotspots to use your phone if you’re changing countries, or end up paying for roaming services. Of course, for overseas traveling, one should always take into account possible delayed flights, stopovers and last-minute cancelations, so having coverage anywhere in the world can provide you with an added feeling of security. At least, you won’t need to pay for roaming expenses while you’re dealing with all the paperwork and hassles involved in these unfortunate situations.

The only reason one should choose local eSIMs instead of regional or global eSIM plans is their price, but in DTAC’s Go Inter case, the price difference is so slim that it shouldn’t be a factor. With Go Inter, you’ll receive global coverage for the same price range as most local eSIMs.

How to buy and install an eSIM?

In order to purchase an eSIM, all you need is internet access and a payment method ready. Connect to the carrier’s website and buy the eSIM. You’ll then receive an email with a QR code and a guide on how to activate your newly acquired eSIM. Follow the provided instructions and you’ll have your eSIM ready in a matter of minutes

You can do the entire process from the comfort of your own computer, or from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Just remember to hold the activation of your travel eSIM until you’ve reached the coverage area, so you can avoid connectivity issues and wasting the validity time of the eSIM.

Compatible devices

One of the first things you must do before purchasing an eSIM is to check if your mobile phone is eSIM compatible. Thankfully, most eSIM carriers offer some kind of list of supported devices, especially since some of them can’t be installed on every device that supports eSIMs.
To get a general idea, Apple mobile phones since the release of the iPhone 11 are eSIM compatible, just like Samsung mobile phones since the Galaxy S20. Google phones offer this technology in their Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3XL models and after the Pixel 4. Huaweii, Oppo, Rakuten or Sony (among others) also support eSIMs in some of their models, so your safest bet is to check the “eSIM compatible devices” list you can find on the carrier’s website.

Canadian network market analyzed

Three companies control the Canadian mobile network landscape: Bell, Rogers, and Telus, plus some provincial network carriers in specific regions of Canada, like Eastlink, Freedom Mobile, MTS, Videotron/Fizz or SaskTel. Of the three major carriers, Bell and Telus offer the best 4G coverage experience, with Bell offering the best download speed experience. 

Since the three of them offer similar coverage, the important information regarding your eSIM data would be the network coverage in a specific region of the country. You can check a map with the coverage areas of each network provider here.

Get the best eSIM for Canada


What’s the best eSIM to travel to Canada?

Go Inter by DTAC is the best eSIM card you can buy to travel to Canada. With 6GB of data for an excellent price of 29 usd, you’ll get excellent coverage within the territory of Canda but also you’ll be able to move freely between the US and Canadian borders, or, since it offers global coverage, you’ll receive service anywhere in the more than 70 countries covered with this eSIM. It’s the perfect travel eSIM since you won’t need to worry about roaming expenses.

Can I buy an eSIM from another country?

Yes. You can get an eSIM from anywhere in the world, even from your own home. It’s one of the major advantages of eSIMs since you won’t need to go to a local store or to order a SIM card by mail. You can have your eSIM ready in a matter of minutes. You can purchase an eSIM even from the airport lounge. 

Can I use an eSIM in Canada and the USA?

If you need to secure service both in Canada and the USA, we recommend that you buy a regional or a global eSIM. With Go Inter by DTAC you’ll be able to use its data allowance in any of the over 70 countries where it provides service, and with T-Mobile’s eSIM USA you’ll have excellent features to use not only in the US or Canada but also in Mexico.

Do I have to activate data roaming on my device?

When using an eSIM, remember to disable data roaming for your home carrier’s SIM card and activate it on your eSIM profile. However, we recommend that you set up your eSIM once you’ve landed in the country of destination to avoid any possible activation issues that might occur otherwise.

How can I switch devices with an eSIM?

Unlike physical SIM cards, eSIMs can’t be extracted from the device it’s been installed. If you need to switch devices, you’ll need to contact the eSIM carrier so they can turn off the active eSIM profile. After that, you can install it on a different mobile phone. The process is usually seamless and won’t take much time, so you’ll be able to resume your data usage after a few minutes.