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Best eSIM Hong Kong. Farewell to roaming charges while traveling

Are you going on a trip to Hong Kong and looking to avoid hefty roaming charges? Say farewell to expensive international data fees with the best eSIM for Hong Kong. With DTAC’s Go Inter, you’ll get 6 GB of data to use for either 10 or 15 days not only in the city of Hong Kong, but in any of the neighboring regions and in several other countries in the world. All of it for the price of a single-country eSIM. 

ESIM, or embedded SIM, is a virtual SIM card that allows you to switch between mobile carriers with no need for a physical SIM card. This means no more swapping cards or dealing with limited network options while traveling. Stay connected, hassle-free, and enjoy seamless mobile data access while exploring this exciting city.

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Hong Kong: A glimpse of the city

The former British colony of Hong Kong is an exciting and modern metropolis filled with history and attractions. A financial powerhouse, the Chinese special administrative region of Hong Kong enjoys a market economy, low taxes, high GDP and a commerce and trade atmosphere perfect for making business.

But Hong Kong is much more than just business. It offers a plethora of attractions and activities for travelers. With an iconic Skyline and a legendary gastronomy, visitors might feel overwhelmed by the number of places you must visit in Hong Kong.

You can, for example, enjoy the views from Victoria Peak, take a walk through the Avenue of Stars or visit the Big Buddha. While you’re in Hong Kong, don’t miss on tasting authentic Cantonese food and experiencing Hong Kong’s vibrant nightlife.

Remember that, if by any chance you’re looking to cross the border into mainland China, you’ll need a visa or a special permit, so plan ahead.

Advantages of an eSIM in Hong Kong

Travel eSIM plans for Hong Kong offer cost-effective options for visitors, enabling seamless switching between local and international plans without the need for a physical SIM card. This technology streamlines the process, providing you with the convenience and flexibility you need for traveling. With an eSIM, you can save money and time by easily managing your mobile connectivity wherever you are. It is a practical choice if you’re seeking efficiency and simplicity in your communication while traveling for a few days.

With a travel eSIM you’ll stay connected while using much needed translation and travel apps, messaging tools like WhatsApp or WeChat, or while surfing the internet on your mobile phone for the best place to eat in Hong Kong.

Don’t purchase a SIM card online to pick up at the airport. Don’t waste time by going to a local shop. Buy an eSIM plan that will work for you as soon as you land in Hong Kong.

Local coverage vs. global coverage

When choosing any eSIM plans, one question you need to address is if you need a card just for the country you’re visiting or for several countries. Usually, the answer depends on the price. More countries covered by an eSIM means that you’ll be able to use the eSIM card in other places and in other airports. It offers a peace of mind that you won’t get with a single country/local eSIM. 

However, this comes at a price. A global eSIM card needs to manage various network partners in several regions in the world. This means that a global eSIM is pricier than a single-country eSIM card. 

This is not the case with DTAC’s Go Inter. With this eSIM you’ll get worldwide coverage for the price of a local eSIM. You can use this card in Hong Kong, China, anywhere in Asia or in any other country you’re visiting during your trip, even if you’re just staying for a few hours on a layover during your flight. The best part is that its price is in the range of a single country eSIM for Hong Kong.

Top travel eSIM cards in Hong Kong

Here are our top 4 picks for the best eSIM plans for a trip to Hong Kong.

eSIM PlanDataPricePrice/GBValidityCoverage
🏆DTAC – Go Inter6GB
15 usd
25 usd
10 days
15 days
Asia, USA, Australia, Qatar, Israel Global
Nomad20GB25usd1.25$/GB45 daysHong Kong
Airalo Hkmobile2GB7 usd3.5$/GB15 daysHong Kong
HolaflyUnlimited47 usdN/A15 daysHong Kong

*Data collected in 2024

Go Inter by DTAC: The best regional and global eSIM cards

DTAC offers the best eSIM cards for a trip to Hong Kong. While all the other plans on our list provide coverage only in Hong Kong, DTAC’s eSIMs offer either regional or global coverage. For 15 usd you’ll get a 6 GB eSIM for Hong Kong, China, and several other countries in Asia, the USA, Australia, Israel, and Qatar. You can use this eSIM for a period of 10 days.

On the other hand, if you need an eSIM with global coverage, then the 25 usd Go Inter eSIM is your best option. With the same data allowance of the other eSIM, you can use this card for 15 days.

With DTAC’s eSIMs, you’ll be at ease while visiting Hong Kong because you won’t need to worry about incurring in roaming expenses if you leave the city.

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Nomad’s best offer for Hong Kong provides a large data package of 20 GB for 25 usd. With coverage only in Hong Kong and a validity of 45 days, you’ll have to spend a lot of time just in the city, since you won’t be able to use it if you cross into China. Given its price and the quantity of Wi-Fi hotspots available in the city, you’ll be better off with DTAC’s regional or global eSIM. 

Airalo Hkmobile

Airalo’s plan for a trip of 15 days to Hong Kong is its Hkmobile eSIM with just 2 GB of data for 7 usd and 15 days’ validity. This amount of data will rapidly fall short for a stay in Hong Kong, and since you can’t use it anywhere else, it’s quite a bad travel plan when compared to DTAC’s. 


Holafly presents unlimited, but expensive data plans for Hong Kong. While unlimited data might sound appealing, their price forces you to carefully analyze how much data you’ll really need during your trip to Hong Kong. For 15 days of unlimited data, you’ll have to pay 47 usd.

The worst feature of Holafly’s plans is that you can’t share the connection via tethering. Forget about connecting your wearables, your smartwatch, or your tablet/laptop. And if you were thinking of sharing internet expenses, you can’t. Your travel partners will need to buy a different eSIM.

How to buy and activate an eSIM in Hong Kong

To buy an eSIM for Honk Kong, all you need is internet access. Go to the website of the eSIM carrier that you’re interested in and proceed with the purchase. After the payment, you’ll receive an email where you’ll find a code (usually a QR code) and instructions on how to install the eSIM. By scanning said QR code and following the on-screen instructions, you’ll have the eSIM installed on your mobile phone.

To activate the travel eSIM plan when the time arrives, go to your SIM card settings and select the eSIM profile as your data provider and deactivate data roaming from your home carrier’s SIM card profile.

As soon as you run out of data on your eSIM plan (or as soon as you leave the region covered) turn back on the data on your SIM card and deactivate the eSIM profile.

Compatibility issues with eSIMs

Make sure that your mobile phone can use your preferred eSIM plan. Start by checking the compatibility list provided on each carrier’s website because not all eSIM-supporting devices work with every eSIM card on the market.

Popular devices that support most eSIM cards include Apple mobile phones starting from the iPhone 11, High-End Samsung Galaxy phones since the Galaxy S20 and Google Pixel phones starting from the Pixel 4. If your phone is not listed, reach out to the carrier’s customer support, as they may not have updated their list with the latest supported models.

The perfect solution for your connectivity

In conclusion, utilizing eSIM technology in Hong Kong will offer you unparalleled benefits and convenience. Get internet access while enjoying seamless switching between mobile carriers. Not having to use physical SIM cards, and the ability to have multiple phone numbers on a single device, are just a few other advantages of eSIM cards. Furthermore, opting for a global coverage eSIM like DTAC’s Go Inter will ensure your connectivity across various countries without the hassle of changing plastic SIM cards. 

Choosing a global eSIM for Hong Kong simplifies your mobile experience and broadens your reach internationally.

Get the best eSIM for Hong Kong

FAQ about Hong Kong eSIM

What’s the best eSIM for Hong Kong?

Given its price and coverage, Go Inter by DTAC 10 days is the best eSIM you can get for a trip to Hong Kong. With this eSIM, you’ll be able to enjoy coverage not only in the city, but at any airport or destination in Asia, the USA, Israel, Qatar, and Australia. With its 6 GB of data allowance, you’ll have your basic internet needs covered while traveling, and you’ll be able to profit from excellent service, regardless of where you are.

What’s the best Global eSIM?

DTAC offers its Go Inter card with 6 GB of data and 15 days validity for the exceptional price of 25 usd. This is, in our opinion, the best global eSIM in the market. With this eSIM you’ll have your internet requirements covered in over 70 destinations in the world. It is the perfect travel eSIM.

Is Hong Kong affected by the great firewall?

No. China’s special administrative regions, like Hong Kong or Macau, are not officially impacted by the firewall; however, reports indicate that a certain degree of censorship is starting to happen. So far, only certain businesses or certain searches that might not be well regarded by the new government have been impacted.

When should I activate the data on my eSIM?

To avoid activation issues and headaches when activating your eSIM plan, you should always select it as your data provider as soon as you reach the region where it provides coverage, never before. You can purchase and download the eSIM from your own home and have it installed on your mobile phone before departure, but keep the eSIM deactivated until you reach an airport where it provides coverage.