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Best eSIM India. Enhancing your travel experience with the best cards

Are you looking to enhance your travel experience in India with the best eSIM card? Discover how DTAC’s Go Inter eSIM can streamline your connectivity and provide increased convenience during your journey. With 6 GB of data to use over 10 or 15 days, you’ll get regional or global coverage for your next trip to India at an incredible price of 15 or 25 usd. Get data for 10 days in several countries in Asia, Australia, Qatar, Israel, and the USA or choose the global eSIM for worldwide coverage for 15 days and enjoy mobile connectivity anywhere you are. Learn more about the travel eSIM options available in India and make the most of your travel communication needs.

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India as a travel destination

India offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, architectural wonders, and exotic cuisine that captivates travelers worldwide. From the bustling streets of Delhi to the serene backwaters of Kerala, the country enthralls visitors with its diverse landscapes and vibrant traditions. Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of colors at Holi festival, marvel at the intricate carvings of ancient temples, and fall in love with the aromatic spices of authentic Indian dishes. Whether you’re exploring the iconic Taj Mahal or embarking on a spiritual journey to Varanasi, India promises a sensory overload that leaves a lasting impression on anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure.

Remember to stay connected with the best travel eSIMs for India. With Go Inter by DTAC, you’ll receive the perfect eSIM with regional or global coverage, perfectly designed to satisfy your data needs while traveling.

Benefits of using a travel eSIM in India

Avoid roaming fees

Using travel eSIM cards for India offers a cost-effective solution to bypass roaming charges. By using a travel eSIM, you can avoid incurring in additional fees for your data usage. This saves money and provides a hassle-free way to stay connected while exploring the country. If you buy a regional or global eSIM, you’ll be adding the benefit of not worrying about wasting money on roaming expenses anywhere, whether it is a multi-destination trip or you’re staying at a foreign airport for a few hours.

You don’t need a physical SIM card

With a travel eSIM for India, you get the convenience of not requiring a physical SIM card. This means no time wasted on purchasing a local SIM or dealing with SIM card compatibility issues. With an eSIM, you can quickly and easily activate a plan online, ensuring immediate access to local networks for calls, texts, and, most important, data usage.

Seamless switching

With travel eSIM plans, you can seamlessly switch between your profiles and carriers, ensuring continuous connectivity throughout your journey. This flexibility enables you to easily navigate various network coverage areas without interruption, making it convenient to stay connected while traveling. With a travel eSIM, you can swiftly switch between your eSIM profile and your home carrier profile to stay connected while avoiding roaming fees. Furthermore, you can keep your SIM card profile active for calls and SMS while using the data on your travel eSIM just by selecting it in your settings.

Top eSIM cards in India

Here is our selection of the top travel eSIM cards for India.

eSIM PlanDataPricePrice/GBValidityCoverage
🏆DTAC – Go Inter6GB
15 usd
25 usd
10 days
15 days
Asia, USA, Australia, Qatar, Israel Global (Airtel & Vodafone Idea/Vi)
Nomad20GB35usd1.75$/GB45 daysIndia (Airtel)
Airalo Indicomm2GB8 usd4$/GB15 daysIndia (Jio)
HolaflyUnlimited47 usdN/A15 daysIndia (Vi, Jio & BSNL)

*Data collected in 2024

DTAC Go Inter: The best travel eSIM with worldwide coverage

DTAC offers 2 eSIM plans with regional or global coverage for India. Both plans offer 6 GB of data to use for 10 or 15 days. With the price range of a local eSIM, this is the best eSIM plan for India. You can use the 10 days eSIM to visit India, but also Sri Lanka, Pakistan, or even while you’re stranded at a foreign airport anywhere else in Asia, Israel, Qatar, Australia, or even in the USA.

And if you’re thinking of traveling around the world, the global 15 days eSIM offers coverage in all the countries you’ll need it. 

The best part about these eSIM plans? Their price. 

DTAC’s travel eSIMs are within the price range of a single country eSIM for India, so you won’t need to sacrifice your budget for the peace of mind they provide. DTAC’s eSIMs offer the best value for your money with their extended coverage.

new delhi india


Nomad offers several plans for India, but its best plan is a 20 GB eSIM card for a price of 35 usd. The primary appeal of this eSIM is its 45 days’ validity. What seems to be an advantage can become a headache. Since this card only provides coverage in India, you’ll have to use all the data allowance while in the country, and for 45 days, you’ll probably end up requiring another eSIM. With DTAC’s card, you have the right amount of data for the right number of days, and if by any chance, you want to take a detour, you’ll still be covered by the eSIM.

Airalo Indicomm

Airalo’s plan for India for 15 days is its Indicomm 2 GB card. That amount of data barely covers the basic needs of someone visiting for 15 days. In addition, its price per GB makes it one of the less valuable cards on our list of eSIMs. 


Holafly offers unlimited data plans for a price. For 15 days in India, you’ll get an eSIM for 47 usd. This price forces you to plan carefully how much data you’ll need while in the country if you want to get the best value for your money. Added to the fact that they provide coverage only in India, there’s another factor that makes it the worse plan on our list. Holafly doesn’t allow tethering. You can’t use your mobile phone as a hotspot to share the data with anything else. Forget about remote working with your laptop or tablet, and if you’re bringing any wearables with you that require internet connectivity, forget about it.

Mobile network coverage in India

The mobile network coverage in India varies significantly across different regions. While urban areas generally have strong and reliable coverage from major providers like Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone, rural areas often experience limited or inconsistent connectivity. The difference stems primarily because of infrastructural challenges and the higher cost of establishing networks in remote locations. As a result, visitors in rural areas may face dropped calls, slow data speeds, and difficulty accessing basic services on their mobile devices. 

In case you need to check the network coverage in a specific region you’re visiting, you can click on this link to access a detailed map of the network coverage of every carrier in a specific area of India.

How to get an eSIM for India

To get an eSIM for India, first, ensure your device is eSIM compatible. Contact your desired mobile carrier to check their device compatibility. Purchase an eSIM plan from the provider’s website or store. After payment, you’ll receive a QR code to scan with your mobile phone and instructions on how to activate it. Follow the provider’s instructions, and you’ll have an eSIM ready. Activate the eSIM once you reach the region covered by the plan by selecting the eSIM profile as the data provider. Remember to turn off data roaming services from your home carrier’s SIM and reboot your device to complete the activation process. Enjoy the benefits of your eSIM plan in India.

Buy a travel eSIM to get the best service in India

In conclusion, using travel eSIMs for India can greatly enhance your journey. The benefits include seamless connectivity, cost-effectiveness, and the convenience of not needing a physical SIM card. By choosing DTAC’s travel eSIM cards for India, you can stay connected wherever you go without any hassle. Take advantage of the features a reliable eSIM like Go Inter can provide and enjoy your trip to India.

Get the best eSIM for India

FAQ about India eSIM

What’s the best eSIM for India?

We recommend DTAC’s GO Inter eSIM cards. While other eSIM plans offer more data or longer validities, with DTAC’s eSIMs you’ll get the right amount of data and, what’s more important, regional or even worldwide coverage for a similar price as a single-country eSIM.

How can I know if I can use an eSIM on my device?

The best source of information regarding an eSIM card’s compatibility is the carrier’s website. You can find a list of compatible devices to check if you’ll be able to use their eSIM. It is especially significant since some eSIMs are not supported by some carriers. If your device isn’t on their list, you might want to contact customer support in case it hasn’t been updated with new mobile phone models.

Do eSIMs have slower internet speeds?

No. The key factor that affects your mobile internet speed is the network. Your location, congestion, availability, or carrier determine how fast your mobile phone’s internet is. The fact that you’re using eSIMs or SIM cards is irrelevant.

Is there a downside to eSIMs?

Besides compatibility issues, the major downside of eSIM cards is that you can’t physically extract an eSIM from a device on which it’s been installed. If you need to move an eSIM profile from a mobile phone, you’ll need to contact the carrier’s customer support. They’ll have to deactivate the profile on their servers and provide you with a new installation for your new mobile phone.