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Best eSIM Korea: Best travel eSIM options to avoid roaming fees

Planning a trip to Korea and want to avoid hefty roaming fees? Look no further. In this guide, we will make an informed decision regarding the best eSIM options to ensure seamless connectivity during your travels. Stay connected without breaking the bank with the best eSIM for Korea.

With DTAC’s Go Inter, you’ll get 6 GB and 10 days to use this eSIM card not only in Korea, but in several other countries in Asia, Australia, Qatar, Israel, and the USA. If, however, your travel plans include other locations, then the 15 days eSIM with worldwide coverage is your answer.

Enjoy the outstanding experiences this country has to offer while keeping your loved ones updated and maintaining your phone budget controlled. Let’s analyze your travel plans and your options for Korea.

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Korea as a Travel Destination

Korea offers a unique blend of traditional culture and modern attractions, making it a top travel destination in Asia. From the bustling streets of Seoul to the serene temples scattered throughout the country, you’ll be immersed in a rich cultural experience. The dynamic food scene showcases various flavors, from spicy kimchi to savory barbecue dishes. If you’re a nature lover, lush landscapes of national parks and picturesque coastal towns await you. With efficient public transportation and a reputation for safety, Korea is a convenient and welcoming destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure.

Benefits of Using a Regional or Global eSIM for Korea

When traveling to Korea, you might be tempted to get a local eSIM just for Korea. Regional or global plans tend to fall on the more expensive side of eSIM cards, since they have to find several partners for several regions. But if you find an eSIM like DTAC that stays within the price range of a local eSIM, then the decision is simple. A regional or global eSIM plan offers the advantage of seamless connectivity across multiple countries without the need to switch SIM cards. These eSIM plans are a cost-effective choice for frequent travelers or those visiting multiple countries within the region. They even provide an excellent service if you’re just visiting Korea, since you might end up needing service during a layover.

Overall, opting for a regional or global travel eSIM guarantees convenience, affordability, and uninterrupted communication throughout your journey.

Why Choose Prepaid over Unlimited data?

Prepaid eSIMs offer cost-effective options compared to unlimited plans. With a prepaid plan, you’ll get exceptional value for your money with customizable data packages. Given the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots in Korea, the amount of data you will consume while traveling can be significantly low, thus making it unnecessary to pay for an unlimited data plan. 

To give you an overview, on average, a standard traveler will consume around 5 GB of data every 10 days in most destinations. In Korea, however, since they have one of the most extended (and fast) free Wi-Fi networks in the world, the data allowance you will need is significantly lower. Currently, there are around 94,000 free Wi-Fi locations around the country, and all of them offer extremely fast and secure connections.

For any situation where you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, a prepaid data plan like DTAC’s Go Inter will suffice.

Top travel eSIM Options for Korea

Here are our top picks for the best travel eSIMs for a trip to Korea in 2024.

eSIM PlansDataPricePrice/GBValidityCoverage
DTAC Go Inter6 GB
6 GB
15 usd
25 usd
2.5 $/GB
4.16 $/GB
10 days
15 days
Asia, USA, Australia, Qatar, Israel
YesimUnlimited (30 GB)
5 GB
44 usd
14 usd
N/A (1.46 $/GB)
2.8 $/GB
15 days
15 days
South Korea
South Korea
Airalo LG U+Unlimited32 usdN/A10 daysSouth Korea
Holafly*Unlimited47 usdN/A15 daysSouth Korea
Maya*Unlimited (2 GB day)89 usdN/A15 daysSouth Korea

* No tethering allowed

DTAC Go Inter: The perfect global eSIM

DTAC has 2 eSIM plans with 10 or 15 days’ validity and different coverages. The first one costs 15 usd and provides regional coverage for Korea, and most countries in Asia, Australia, Qatar, Israel, and the USA. This is their “regional” eSIM that offers the perfect plan for South Korea.

If by any chance you intend to stay for 15 days, or, if you’re traveling outside that coverage, the 15 days eSIM is the best one for you. This perfectly designed eSIM plan offers worldwide coverage for you to use not only in Korea, but in any other destination you might end up staying at, even back home.


Yesim has two plans worth mentioning for 15 days in Korea. Their most appealing eSIM is an “unlimited” one. For the expensive price of 44 usd, you’ll get unlimited data for 15 days, just in Korea. However, it has a catch. The plan offers 30 GB of high-speed connectivity, plus an addition of 5 GB at 512 kbps.

The other eSIM is a prepaid data card with 5 GB at a price of 14 usd to use, once again, only in Korea.

Airalo LG U+

Airalo offers its LG U+ eSIM plan for Korea. With a 10-day validity, this card offers unlimited data for an excessive price of 32 usd. Given that it provides coverage only in South Korea, and considering the free Wi-Fi availability in the country, there’s no good reason to take this eSIM over DTAC’s Go Inter.


Holafly’s plan for 15 days in South Korea is their classic unlimited eSIM for 47 usd. With this eSIM, you’ll be able to enjoy the allowance only in Korea. The main drawback of this plan is that it doesn’t allow tethering, so you won’t be able to share your connection with anyone else on your trip, not even with your laptop or tablet.


At the last spot on our list, we find Maya. With several eSIM plans for South Korea, with prepaid data or unlimited data, their most seemingly interesting one is their unlimited data plan. They offer three alternatives for unlimited data, starting at a high price of 89 usd. The difference between them stems from their features. This one specifically offers 2 GB of daily high-speed data and then reduces the connectivity speed to 1 Mbps. The worst thing about this plan is that, just like Holafly’s, it doesn’t allow tethering. The other unlimited plans allow tethering and give you a slightly higher data allowance daily, but they cost 30 and 60 dollars more, respectively. There’s no good reason to pick this eSIM instead of the better ones, and especially instead of DTAC’s Go Inter.

How to buy and activate an eSIM for Korea

To buy an eSIM for South Korea, all you need to do is access the carrier’s website and select the eSIM plan that best suits your needs. After payment, you’ll receive an email with a QR code and guidance on how to install it on your mobile phone. It usually involves (depending on your device) accessing the mobile network settings and tapping on add carrier, add SIM or add eSIM. Then, it’s just a matter of scanning the QR code with your phone or introducing the manual activation code.

To “activate” the travel eSIM all you need to do is turn on the data services on your eSIM profile and turn off the data roaming option on your home carrier’s SIM card.

Make the right choice

In conclusion, choosing the best eSIM to travel to Korea can save you from expensive roaming fees. By taking advantage of a regional or global eSIM, you will ensure seamless connectivity while traveling, regardless of where you are. With the GO Inter eSIM by DTAC, you can stay connected conveniently and affordably during your trip, not only in South Korea, but anywhere else in the region. This eSIM offers the right amount of data for the right price.

Enjoy the trip of a lifetime with DTAC Go Inter.

Get the best eSIM for Korea

What’s the best travel eSIM for Korea?

Go Inter 10 days by DTAC is our top choice for the best travel eSIM for Korea. With 6 GB of data at an excellent price of 15 usd, you’ll get extended coverage not only in the country, but in most countries in Asia, Australia, Qatar, Israel, and the USA. Take advantage of the abounding number of free Wi-Fi hotspots in Korea and enjoy the best eSIM without breaking the bank.

What’s the best global eSIM?

DTAC’s Go Inter 15 days offers worldwide coverage at an exceptional price. With this eSIM, you can travel all over the world without incurring roaming fees or loosing connectivity. It is one of the most affordable global eSIMs, and it offers great service with a plethora of roaming partners all over the world.

Can I activate an eSIM from another country?

While you can buy and install an eSIM from anywhere in the world, we recommend that you activate (turn on the data service on the travel eSIM profile) only when you reach the area of coverage. This is the best method to avoid activation issues. You can do it as soon as you land at the airport of destination and enjoy your data allowance from the very beginning of your journey.

What are the downsides of eSIMs?

The main downside of eSIMs is that they cannot be physically removed from a device after installation, like you can do with a plastic SIM card. To move an eSIM profile from one mobile phone to another, you must get in touch with the carrier’s customer service so they can unlink your profile from your old mobile phone so you can have a new installation available.